Friday, September 24

Trump announced victory in US elections ahead of key vote

US President Donald Trump reiterated his confidence in his victory in the November 3 presidential election and urged supporters not to let the opposition steal that result. He expressed this point of view at a campaign rally in Georgia, where on Tuesday a vote will take place for the candidatures of two senators from the region.

Trump urged supporters to “make sure their votes count as” radical Democrats want to take Senate seats “from Republicans. He also insists that he won a presidential election” by a wide margin, “which his opponents are allegedly trying to steal by falsifications.

Trump recalled the upcoming January 6 approval by the US Congress of the electoral college voting results, which had previously been named the winner of Democrat Joseph Biden. He called on fellow party senators to challenge this result.

The election of two senators from Georgia is given special attention by both key powers in America, as they will decide who will have the majority in the US Senate. As a result of voting on November 3, the Republican Party received 50 mandates in the upper house, and the Democratic Party – 48 mandates. If the Democrats manage to get both mandates from Georgia, control of the upper house may actually pass to them, since with a parity of votes, the decisive vote of the vice-president, who elected Democrat Kamala Harris. Otherwise, control over the Senate will remain with the Republicans, which will give them the opportunity to slow down the agenda of President-elect Joseph Biden.