Friday, October 22

The new S-class will “Move your ass”

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Mercedes is already preparing for the release of its new flagship and gradually reveals more details about it. Let’s start in order.

Rather, not so, the suspension is old, but the option is new. For an additional fee, the E-active Body Control system will be available, thanks to which the suspension will instantly adapt to road conditions. This system can now be found on fresh GL and GLS. No, overcoming curbs on the new sedan will still not be comfortable, but driving on the highway or in the city will be very pleasant.

The essence of the system is that the camera located under the windshield scans the road, recognizes bumps, turns and other changing conditions and adjusts the suspension under them, i.e. the stiffness of the shock absorbers, the degree of compression of the springs, etc. It is most likely that the secondary version will be valued without these updates.

“Move your ass”

“Move your ass”
The new Mercedes will be able to turn the rear wheels. What for? Well, the Germans came up with two scenarios and two versions of the system.

Option 1: you are driving on the highway and want to get more confidence in the high-speed turn? Here is a system that will allow you to turn the rear wheels by 4.5 degrees.

Option 2: do you want to get more maneuverability in the city? Please, here’s another system that will turn the wheels 10 degrees.

In simple words, the Germans need something to surprise the buyer, and that’s the new system. Or rather not very new, ask the owners, for example, Honda legend.

“Airbag for the Boss”

And this, finally, is a really useful innovation – a front airbag will be available for rear passengers. Now if you are driving behind in your S-class, you will have a much better chance of surviving an accident. After all, you have a whole bunch of soft opening bubbles.

Now the powerful can drive even more aggressively, because now they are safer.

And if seriously – for this improvement like.

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