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S1mple vs ZywOo again? who will be the best cs player:Go in 2020

We Are gradually approaching the end of 2020. After just three months, HLTV will begin to determine the best CS player:GO this year!

LAN was not enough – “thanks” to the coronavirus-teams showed unstable results online, but even so, several players managed to stand out from the rest. They delighted the audience with a great game for many months, topped the HLTV charts and reached the finals of serious competitions. They did not have the excuse “these are just tournaments on the Internet” — everyone worked 100% for the sake of winning.

In this article, Zikkurat Media will tell you about the main candidates for the status of top-1 player in 2020. At the moment, they have chances for an award from HLTV, but, we note, in the coming months this may still change: both for the better and for the worse for them.

It all depends on how the esports players will perform at the upcoming championships. Among them are the following:

  • IEM New York
  • DreamHack Open Fall
  • BLAST Premier Fall Season
  • IEM Beijing-Haidan
  • DreamHack Masters Winter
  • IEM Global Challenge (LAN)

Note that our list only includes players from the European region. Only it has maintained a fairly high level of competition in isolation due to the pandemic. In America, Asia and Oceania, unfortunately, the level of play was lower and winning there, respectively, was also easier. So we apologize to Evil Geniuses!

Pride of the German CSGO – Florian syrsoN Richet…

The first candidate on our list is the german sniper syrson from the big team. of all the contenders, however, he has the least chance of getting into the hltv top 1. to do this, he needs to show a god-like performance in the remaining tournaments of 2020, and he already seems to be “at the limit”.

The situation would have been different if BIG Clan had made a more successful start this year. They won the LAN tournament DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 in January, but then failed several championships in a row and missed the first RMR tournament-ESL One: Road to Rio. Only closer to the end of spring, the Germans began to gain momentum.

They “warmed up” at small online tournaments Home Sweet Home Cup and then, like a bolt from the blue, surprised the whole world with a victory at the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020-a real shooting-1 tournament. There they also beat the promising faze twice, and with G2 in the final they sorted out, for the first time in the history of CS:GO winning the Best of 5 final while trailing 0-2.

syrsoN tops the snipers ranking with the highest AWPKPR of 0.51 (AWP kills per round) in 2020 according to statistics in matches between teams from the world’s top 30.

Source: HLTV

We did not stop there and became the champions of the RMR tournament cs_summit 6, and also came out of the summer vacation with a victory at the DreamHack Open Summer. the team was in the first place of the HLTV rating for more than a month!

syrsoN showcases in 2020:

  • DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 EU-1.21 rating | 1st place
  • DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 (LAN) — 1.18 | 1st place
  • DreamHack Open Summer — 1.18 | 1st place

It seemed that her ” ERA” had come, but the autumn season did not go according to plan. First there was the last place at ESL One Cologne 2020, then-the 5th-6th place at ESL Pro League S12. Despite the fact that on the latter, by the way, syrsoN was the most effective sniper!

syrsoN always plays consistently and shows a high level of play. In the mastery of AWP, only a few can compare with it. However, his team abruptly stopped taking titles and reaching the finals. There is a suspicion that they are “exhausted” or simply adapted to them.

Therefore, if nothing changes, then for him it will certainly play a role in determining the best CS player:GO in 2020. However, the fact that it will be one of the best is almost guaranteed.

Mr. stability-Nikolai dev1ce Ridtz

Second on our list is Danish esports player device from the Astralis team. And he also has problems with the number of trophies earned! Although, to be honest, this is the sin of each of our candidates. The difference between them is their individual results against the top teams in Europe.

In addition, personally, device does not shine as much as the same syrsoN. It’s hard to do this with the equally talented Magisk, dupreeh, es3tag and gla1ve. Everyone in his team can “close” the game!

Add to that the fact that Astralis missed part of the season due to the departure of gla1ve and Xyp9x on sick leave. They refused to participate in the RMR-tournament cs_summit 6, and at DreamHack Spring with the standins Snappi and JUGi flew from 9-12 places. As a result, in 2020, the four-time world champions have fewer titles than even BIG: the first RMR championship Road to Rio and, more recently, ESL Pro League S12.

Dev1ce demonstrations in 2020:

ESL One: Road to Rio EU-1.26 rating | 1st place
IEM Katowice 2020 (LAN) – 1.21 | 3rd-4th place
ESL Pro League S11 EU-1.20 | 3rd place

Danes now need to win everything for device to get a good chance of being a top 1 CS player:GO in 2020. It is also necessary that Nikolai himself does not leave the squad — they have, anyway, 7 players. Everyone can suddenly change before the tournament, including the Ritz. Here, for example, the return of Xyp9x is planned soon, and now it is unclear who exactly it will replace.

dev1ce has been ranked in the top 20 players in the world by hltv for six years in a row. Five times it was included in the top 5. the best result was second place in 2018.

Source : HLTV

Astralis and dev1ce showed themselves in the first place at LAN tournaments and majors. will they be able to keep up with the pace they set in the epl? If yes, then we are waiting for Nikolai in the first places of the top 20 HLTV! He has been in the top five for five years in a row, but is limited to only second place so far.

French Miracle-Mathieu ZywOo Erbo

French superstar ZywOo is the current top 1 player in the world according to HLTV. This title was awarded to him after a phenomenal year for him in 2019, when he won a big tournament for the first time, earned several MVP medals and began to play consistently against the best teams in the world.

However, in 2020, Mathieu slowed down a bit, as did his Vitality team. his rating is still high, but performances from the category “1v9″are less frequent. the team still goes to the finals, but did not win a single tournament. at the last esl pro league s12, they did not reach the playoffs at all, taking 9-10 place.

ZywOo truly joined the pro scene in October 2018-just two years ago. Before that, he played in semi-professional teams, as he did not want to quit his studies.

However, this did not prevent the Frenchman from becoming the top 1 player in the world in the first year (2019) of performing on the professional CS:GO scene.

Team Vitality must gain confidence, ignore the three lost finals in a row-BLAST Premier Spring Finals, cs_summit 6, ESL One Cologne 2020-and give their best in the remaining tournaments. Because, in theory, if there is a favorable atmosphere in the team, then ZywOo will feel better and will start to smash opponents to smithereens, as it was in 2019.

ZywOo Showcases in 2020:

  • cs_summit 6 EU-1.39 rating | 2nd place
  • BLAST PREMIER Spring Eu FINALS-1.33 | 2nd place
  • ESL One Cologne 2020 EU-1.30 | 2nd place

Now, however, according to HLTV statistics, ZywOo has the second highest rating among all CS:GO pro players. It is second only to one performer… it will be discussed now.

EZ for the greatest – Alexander s1mple Kostylev

The world has never seen a more stable CS:GO player than s1mple. The Ukrainian was the best in 2018, almost became the top 1 in 2019, and now he is close to regaining what he lost in 2020. this is one of those rare esports players who never play badly-well, only once in a period of 20-25 matches.

s1mple also suffers from a lack of titles in the “Online Era”, but, unlike others, covers it with its crazy game and statistics. He finished the recent ESL Pro League S12 with a round kill rate of 0.92 for 27 cards. How long have you seen this? Moreover, in more than half of the rounds he played with kills in his performance, he did more than one — in the symbolic team at the end of the tournament from HLTV, he simply had no equal.

NAVI may not have won the EPL, but they are in good shape. Boombl4 began to be included, flamie and Perfecto improved their level of play. In such conditions, they can only be stopped by Counter-Strike geniuses like Astralis, and even then they do not always succeed.

s1mple showcases in 2020:

  • Gamers Without Borders 2020-1.38 rating | 1st place
  • ESL Pro League S12 EU-1.35 | 2nd place
  • IEM Katowice 2020 (LAN) – 1.33 | 1st place

In 2020, s1mple played the best card of his career. In the match against MAD Lions at Mirage, he scored a rating of 2.77, which was his new individual record.

Don’t forget that natus vincere won the last major lan tournament before quarantine-iem katowice 2020. and if the planned iem global challenge in december still takes place, they can repeat their past success there. and then no one will have any doubts about why s1mple deserves the right to be called the best cs player:go in 2020!

Who do you think is the best CS player:GO in 2020?

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