Friday, October 22

Jolie was filmed on a date with her ex-husband: A singer in the past?

After the divorce from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s personal life began to interest the public even more. Every day new novels are attributed to her, and then mysterious details are found out.

Now the alleged lover of the star is the singer The Weeknd. Not so long ago they spent a weekend together. Then journalists filmed celebrities during a date in an elite restaurant. They left the institution together in Santa Monica in the singer’s car. At the same time, taking the star home was not part of his plans.

After dinner, the “couple” spent time at the artist’s mansion. At the same time, despite the rumors, apparently, a serious age difference does not bother anyone. Angelina Jolie is 15 years older than the alleged chosen one. At meetings with the singer, she does not hesitate to dress in the best outfits with the most expressive cutouts.

Despite the fact that news about the connection of the artists has appeared for a long time, so far they both refuse to comment on the alleged affair. The day before, it even seemed to the journalists that they had found the answer to the question why this was happening. The brilliant actress was spotted with her ex-husband.

Many immediately thought that we were talking about Brad Pitt, and the scandal continues. However, the day before, a happy Angelina Jolie was spotted on a date with actor Johnny Lee Miller. Recall that the colleagues were married for only a year since 1996. Photographers filmed them in the same car. It is too early to say whether this means the reunion of another couple.

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