Friday, October 22

Gentleman’s tracksuit

Today it’s about the tracksuit from the movie The Gentlemen. Apologies in advance to all loyal readers who are likely to wonder why I am writing about a tracksuit, although otherwise this page is always about pocket squares.

Why a tracksuit?

As a brief explanation, I was watching the new movie The Gentleman in cinema yesterday. A really great film and recommended for every elegant gentleman, especially because of the great outfits in the English style. But that’s not supposed to be a film review . I particularly noticed the boxer’s boxing suit from the boxing club. So I really wanted to know which brand this suit is from so that I could buy one too.

After my search started, I quickly found out that there were no good results for my search. Nobody wants to tell us where these sports suits come from. That’s why I did research in forums at night and rummaged through the online mail order companies in search of the plaid tracksuit. With my research I want to help you now.

What was the result of my research?

Now I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that, according to an interview with The Gentleman costume designer Michael Wilkinson, the jogging suit for the boxers is custom-made and there is no brand under which such a casual sports suit is sold. However, there is also good news.

Since I couldn’t accept the result, I looked for an alternative jogging suit that was similar to the tracksuit in the film. There are some tracksuits that come very close to those from the film.

The tracksuits in the film

First about the jogging suits in the film. The coach is played by Colin Farrell. He portrays a forgiving mentor of a group of guys who feel involved in the film’s drama. Colin Farrell and his crew don’t wear ordinary tracksuits. These are high-end suits.

Wilkinson says in an interview that the sports clothes are based on classic English suit fabrics, which they then enlarged, made more lively and printed on a modern quilted technical fabric. They wanted to show in the film how different groups of people can interpret this classic “English”. In this case, a more modern, elegant update for street clothing and casual sportswear.

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