Friday, October 22

Analysts named the top ten risks of 2021

The “divided America” phenomenon, the coronavirus pandemic and climate change are among the main risks of the coming year 2021. This forecast is presented by the consulting company Eurasia Group

 Фото: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

According to analysts, the growing internal polarization in the United States, which again clearly manifested itself in the presidential elections in the country at the end of last year, leads to the fact that, regardless of the winner, about half of the citizens consider the head of state illegitimate.

It’s too early to write off the coronavirus pandemic. One factor here is vaccine distribution. Experts fear that delays in the availability of these drugs in poor countries will increase the negative impact on the stability and economic situation in them, provoke unrest.

The third place in the rating of risks is occupied by climate change, where experts see the threat of global competition instead of cooperation.

Next on the list are the confrontation between China and the United States, difficulties with the transfer of confidential information to other countries, the growing threat of conflicts in cyberspace, economic problems in Turkey and the Middle East, the departure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel from the political scene and, finally, the development of crises in Latin America on the background of the pandemic and the upcoming elections this year in several countries.

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