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20 Interesting Facts About Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, which was “born” on February 4, 2004 in one of Harvard dormitories, at first it was called “”. Her original idea was to create an electronic catalog of first names, surnames, and photographs of Harvard students. The founders of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskowitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes did not expect that in a few years their small startup will become the largest online project in the world. Currently, more than 1.3 billion people use Facebook, and morning viewing of the “face” is more important for many than breakfast. We found for you 20 interesting facts about Facebook – the social network that changed the world.

1. Facebook and Al Pacino.

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What do Facebook and Al Pacino have in common? It turns out that in the logo of the original version of Facebook (“thefacebook”) a mysterious person was drawn, whom netizens called “guest from Facebook”. Years later, it turned out that this mysterious character was none other than the young Al Pacino, whom Mark Zuckerberg’s acquaintance “corrected” a little in the graphic editor.

2. Facebook and Beacon

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Beacon is an ambiguous advertising system created by Facebook, which collected all information about the activity of its users on other sites (outside Facebook) without their consent, and then, based on the collected data, created profiled advertising campaigns. As expected, this ended in a class action lawsuit for Facebook. In October 2009, Beacon was disbanded, and two years later, on his blog, Mark Zuckerberg wrote that his creation was a “mistake”.

3. Facebook and Chris Putnam.

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In 2006, Chris Putnam, a student at Georgia Southern University, created a virus that “drank a lot of blood” from the Facebook administration. Putnam worm changed the appearance of user profiles on a social network, after which they became similar to the pages of the MySpace social network – Facebook’s main competitor. In an act of retaliation, one of the founders of Facebook, Dan Moskovitz, offered Chris Putnam … a job in the company.

4. Facebook and Dustin Moskowitz.

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Dustin Moskowitz is a hostel neighbor of Mark Zuckerberg and co-founder of Facebook (along with Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes). Dustin has always been a doc with respect to everything related to website development, but their relationship with Zuckerberg deteriorated greatly when Sean Parker joined the Facebook team. In October 2008, Moskowitz left Facebook and began to create his own startup – a platform for Asana tax management. In 2010, Forbes magazine named Dustin Moskowitz the youngest billionaire in the world.

5. Facebook and Harvard catalog.

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The most popular network in the world took its name from the name of the Harvard catalog, in which photographs and profiles of students of this educational institution were collected. The service was originally called thefacebook, and only Harvard students were its users.

6. Facebook and games.

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Facebook is not just a social network, but also a realm of games – infantile, undemanding, but extremely popular and exciting. The most popular among them is the game FarmVille (this is a farm simulator), which during its heyday attracted about 30 million users a day.

7. Facebook and Harvard University.

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Alma Mater of Mark Zuckerberg and the cradle of Facebook. Within two weeks of their Facebook debut, about 70 percent of Harvard students registered. Zuckerberg himself never graduated from Harvard University, although for many years on the pages of his social network he presented himself as a graduate of this prestigious educational institution.

8. Facebook and Iceland.

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What can Facebook and Iceland have in common? The new constitution. After the financial crisis, which almost brought this small country into bankruptcy, its residents, who did not trust politicians who had discredited themselves, decided to take matters into their own hands and write a new constitution. To begin with, a group of 950 people prepared a number of proposals and requirements that were to be included in the new constitution. Then 25 experts began work on her project. All this time, work on the constitution could be monitored on Facebook, where users could make suggestions, corrections and express their doubts about the new constitution.

9. Facebook and country.

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If today Facebook announced the creation of a new country, for example, the “Republic of Facebook”, it would be the second largest country in the world, after China. Facebook currently has over 1 billion 310 million users. It is believed that over the next 2-3 years this popular social network will overtake even China and become the largest virtual country in the world.

10. Facebook and Like button.

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The Facebook Like button has become a real social phenomenon that has long gone beyond Mark Zuckerberg’s website. Despite the numerous requests, threats and petitions of Facebook users, the “dislike” button did not appear.

11. Facebook and killings.

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As it turned out, Facebook can cause such negative emotions in its users that can push people to the most terrible crimes, such as murder. A few years ago, father Jannel Potter calmly murdered two of her friends because they “kicked” his daughter out of the list of friends.

12. Facebook and blue color.

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Have you ever wondered why the dominant Facebook color is blue? The answer can be found in The New Yorker magazine, which wrote that social network founder Mark Zuckerberg … is color blind. “Blue is the richest color for me,” Zuckerberg said in an interview with this American magazine.

13. Facebook and the American stock exchange NASDAQ.

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The history of Facebook’s first public offering on the stock exchange is a series of ups and downs, with a happy ending so far. Facebook’s IPO was the most expensive in US history, the company was valued at a huge amount of 104 billion dollars, one share could be bought for 38 dollars. However, then stock prices began to plummet. In the worst period, and this was in September 2012, the share price did not exceed $ 18, and many investors began to get rid of them in a panic. But those who did not sell their shares can now rejoice in their strong nerves, because currently one Facebook share costs about $ 62.

14. Facebook and pirates.

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This is not about Internet pirates who plow the “pirate bays” of torrents. Among the dozens of languages that Facebook users can use, there is also a pirated language, namely, English – Pirate. I wonder if Johnny Depp uses it?

15. Facebook and divorces.

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According to Divorce Online, one-third of divorce applications filed by Americans in 2011 contained the word “Facebook.” The American Academy of Family Law Lawyers has reported that 80 percent of divorce lawyers claim that social media is one of the key factors contributing to a sharp increase in the number of divorces in recent years.

16. Facebook and phone.

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When Facebook started, the smartphone was still the “technology of the future.” Most Facebook registered people used desktop computers. Currently, more than 78 percent of users “log in” to social networks using smartphones and tablets.

17. Facebook and the film “The Social Network” (“The Social Network”).

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In 2010, the Hollywood director David Fincher moved the story of Facebook to the big screen. The film “Social Network” received quite warm reviews of film critics and the feedback of the audience. The film received a Golden Globe statuette in the Best Drama Film category and three Oscars for the best script, music and editing. The role of Mark Zuckerberg in it was played by Jesse Eisenberg (pictured).

18. Facebook and new words.

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“Unfriend” is a new word coined by Facebook in 2009. And it means removing someone from your friends list. The New Oxford Dictionary in 2009 declared “unfriend” the word of the year.

19. Facebook and the Winklevoss twins.

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Twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are Harvard graduates who represented the United States at the Beijing Olympics. However, it was not their sporting achievements that brought them fame, but a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg, in which they accused the founder of Facebook of deceiving and stealing the idea (Zuckerberg was originally supposed to help the twins to create the social network). Of course, there was no court, Zuckerberg agreed, and the Winklevoss twins received 1.2 million shares of the company, the value of which was estimated at $ 300 million on the day of the first public offering.

20. Facebook and photos.

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Initially, Mark Zuckerberg “fought off” the idea of expanding his site and creating a special script that would allow users to post photos on his profile with all his hands and feet. He “surrendered” only under strong pressure from Sean Parker. Today, Facebook is the most popular “photo gallery” in the world, which is updated every month with 2.5 billion new photos. It is estimated that 80 percent of all photographs taken on Earth eventually end up on Zuckerberg’s website.

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